Our Story

Hi, I'm Martin, and this is the story of Automation for Lawyers.

How It Started...


After having studied at the Esade Business & Law School and having worked for several disruptive startups in areas of investor relations and engineering, I stumbled upon the space of no-code.

And my mind was blown...

With the power of simple-to-use graphical tools, you could connect apps in just a few clicks and create complex integrations in hours, not months.

You no longer needed to hire a team of developers with six-figure salaries and wait for a year to have your IT system built, it could now be done in weeks and for a much lower budget.

I joined a US startup, AppMaster.io, developing a no-code platform for enterprises, and just after a few months decided to venture on my own and start an automation consultancy firm.

The legal industry has always fascinated me, and with its many inefficienies and an average utilization rate of just 30%, was the prime target for disruption. That's how Automation for Lawyers was born.

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Helping Lawyers Transform Processes


The automation revolution is underway as these tools become more accessible every year, and the legal field is one of the industries that will benefit most because of this disruption.

Every day, you have to execute repetitive tasks & waste tens of hours which could be spent on GROWING your business:

  • Sending out emails
  • Scheduling & re-scheduling calls
  • Collecting data
  • Writing up standardized documents
  • Managing deadlines
  • Chasing payments
  • Sending invoices
  • Collecting testimonials
  • Building reports

All of these processes can and SHOULD be automated. If you are not doing that, you are at the risk of LOSING OUT to those who do.

Get help on your automation needs with a team of experts, and sleep sound at night knowing that all your processes are running smoothly.

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