Junior Developer



Job Type

Full-time (flexible schedule)


1,800€ / month (gross)


We are looking for our first developer hire for the team! You will be in charge of building client projects in tools such as Xano, WeWeb, Make (Integromat), Airtable and more. Don’t worry if you haven’t used them before, what we are looking for is a good understanding of basic web app functioning (interactions between front-end & backend, auth, etc.), REST APIs, and JavaScript. Join the founder on the journey of scaling a new company, and let’s grow together!

In this role, you’ll get to:

  • Work with the latest no/low-code tools to deliver client projects, building both front-ends and back-ends
  • Communicate with the Project Manager about requirements & submit progress reports to them
  • Research the market for new tools and be constantly learning about their new features
  • Be in close touch with the founder (https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinkravchenko/) who will help you along the way
  • Occasionally, help out with other tasks, it’s a startup after all :)

Working with us, you’ll get:

  • An attractive compensation with a fixed and variable components, based on your output. The faster you work, the more you get paid; the value listed above is a realistic estimate based on average output.
  • Flexible schedule, apart from a few regular check-in meetings and ad-hoc calls to discuss project requirements per week you will be free to manage your time. We also don’t have any minimum hours per week requirements; the only thing we care about is that you complete the tasks assigned in time.
  • Opportunity to grow in the company, either deepening your engineering specialization or growing into the role of a team lead
  • Fully remote work, you are free to travel the world as long as we can overlap the team schedules
  • 30 days of vacation per year

We are looking for people who:

  • Have a good understanding of basic web app functioning (interactions between front-end & backend, auth, etc.), REST APIs, and JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Are autonomous, able to manage themselves and their time, and find answers to problems without asking for help (most of the time)
  • Have attention to detail and apply high standards to their work
  • Are willing to receive feedback, and constantly improve
  • Have a strong desire to learn new tools and keep up to date with the evolving market of no-code
  • Are excited about working in a startup and can adapt quickly to change
  • Have a good level of English (no certificate needed)

About the Company

We are a young remote company born in Estonia 1 year ago. Our purpose is to make access to quality legal advice universally available by helping law firms reduce manual labor costs & improve customer experience with automation. We mainly work with boutique law firms (1-10 employees) in the US and UK, and implement both industry-standard tools for them & custom solutions built with no/low-code.

We help our clients eliminate mundane activities, such as emailing, collecting data, scheduling calls, invoicing, chasing payments, drafting contracts, and more, creating time for growth and more value-added tasks. We also build custom client and internal portals for firms and help them productize their services, provide a more transparent client experience, and allow their customers to self-serve.

Automation for Lawyers is already trusted by CEDR, Settlement Agreement Solicitors, Forensic Strategic Solutions, BHC Technology, Legal and Ops PC, among others.

The main values of our team are:

  • Autonomy: we are a small company so the ability to self-manage and find answers to your questions without external help is crucial.
  • Growth mindset: our ambitions are high and that’s why we cannot be afraid of new challenges; it’s paramount to be able to adapt, learn quickly, and view mistakes (which will inevitable happen sometimes) as growth opportunities.
  • Results orientation: it’s not about how long a task takes to complete, but about the result it produces and, ultimately, how much value it brings to our client; we are looking for people who will be able to have this larger picture in mind and be motivated by compensation based on their output, not input. Please include the word “beaver” in any part of your application, otherwise it will be automatically discarded.
  • Helping each other: we are in the same boat, so it’s fundamental that we help our teammates, think long-term and don’t get stuck in short-term competition.
  • Honesty: without transparency and integrity in our actions, a small company is doomed for failure; we are looking for people who will be able to speak up if problems arise and be able to give and receive honest structured feedback to grow together.

The official language of the team is English, all communications and interviews will be carried out in this language.