Are you Getting your Billed Line Items Disputed?

Published on:
August 23, 2022
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Are you getting your billed line items disputed?

Is that creating an admin overhead for you and your team?

Sifting through an already full email inbox to find the disputes, updating the line items in your billing software, and resending the invoice can take up to 5 minutes of your time per dispute.

Here is how we have been able to solve this problem for one of our clients...

Client Portal

First of all, we have created a client portal where clients can log in, see their invoices and all the associated line items.

If the invoice due date is still in the future, the clients get the ability to dispute a line item.

Invoice Screen

Dispute Creation

They can then provide a reason for the dispute and submit it.

Create Dispute Screen

Dispute Resolution

Once the dispute is submitted, the team at the law firm gets a notification in Slack (their internal messaging platform) and can view it in the portal. Here they can choose to modify or archive the disputed line item, and either accept or reject the dispute providing resolution comments if needed.

Dispute Resolution Screen

Invoice Update

When the dispute is resolved, the client gets a notification in their email with the resolution status and comments. The law firm staff can then easily update the invoice with a press of a button, and the system will automatically update it in their billing software and send it to the client as a PDF attachment.

Update Invoice Screen

The tools we used for this project are Xano for the backend, WeWeb for the interface, and Make for automations.

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