Consulting, Training & Development

We offer a range of solutions for law firms & solo practitioners.

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I Want to Learn Automation


Online Training


Perfect if you:

  • Want to automate your work & update your own system yourself
  • Want to learn about the best digital tools for lawyers & attorneys
  • Want to stay informed about the latest software & tips on how to use it

I Want Hourly Support

175$ / hour

Hourly Consulting

+ Money-back guarantee if we don't solve your problem


Perfect if you:

  • Have intermediate / advanced knowledge in automation
  • Have specific questions you need help with
  • Want to hire an automation expert for an hour or two to get unstuck

I Want a Project Built For Me


Custom Development


Perfect if you:

  • Don't want to take the time to learn the software yourself
  • Need to focus your time on other things in the business
  • Want it done right the first time by a team you can trust
  • Have access to a larger budget, starts at 2K$, determined by scope